1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

Manufacturer: Ford

Model: Mustang Hardtop Coupe

Performance: 289 Cui (4736 ccm) / 200 HP / 8 Cylinders

Color (Exterior/Interior): Ivy Green Metallic R / Black Vinyl

Mileage: 56.000 Miles

Status: Original Vehicle (Re-painted in original color)


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Strictly limited IVY GREEN METALLIC (Code: R) Color, Proven And Documented ONE (female) Owner Car With Original 56.000 Miles, Matching Original Black Vinyl Trim, C4-Automatic Transmission, Original FORD A/C (Blows Ice-Cold), Power Steering, Tinted Windows,  Original FORD Radio / Cassette (Re-installed By Sole Owner Early 1980ies), 70mm Premium American Classic White Wall Tires,

Engine, Transmission, All Fenders with Matching Numbers, Original California BLACK PLATES, Center Console With Cup Holder (Aftermarket), Original 14 Inch Steel Wheels With Hubcaps, Seat Belts Front & Rear, Original FORD Steel Tag Delivered Solely To 1st Buyer (Owner) With Stamped (Engraved) Vehicle Info, Buyers Name, Delivery Date And Trim Codes, Original Owners Manual, Jack and Tools,  A3 Inch Folder Full Of Service, Repair And Maintenance Records Since Day 1, Classic Data Appraisal with Grade 2 (B)




We proudly present one of the best and most original 1966 Ford Mustang Hardtop Coupes on planet earth you will ever find - our true California Mustang Coupe from 1966 from sole (female) ownership.

This is the herald of all muscle cars and the ONE you were looking for such a long time. This is a proven and documented ONE owner car with original California BLACK PLATES with an unbelievably low mileage of currently 56000 Miles.

This super Pony is as original, unwelded and authentic as it gets.

The sole (female) owner ordered the Pony back in June 1966 according to her wishes with almost all desired options and most remarkably in special color: IVY GREEN METALLIC (Code: R).

As mentioned, she ordered the car back in June 1966 at her local Dealership FORD GALPIN in Los Angeles, California (http://www.galpinford.com) and it was delivered to her on July, 29th, 1966.

This Mustang was her very special weekend driver and her beloved baby as she had another car, a Chevrolet Nova Station Wagon which she used as her daily driver.

We have Polaroids from the 1970ies and 1980ies with both cars next to each other on her landyard and in her garage.

This beauty is equipped with the standard V8 engine with 289 Cui, 200 HP, C4 automatic transmission and almost all desireable options which make this Pony so unbelievably unique.

When the old lady passed away in the Summer of 2010, her grandson listed the car for sale on the internet.

Coincidentally, we were in California for the inspection of another car and decided to have a go at this car, too.

As we got there, we hardly could believe our eyes - what we saw was a completely original, unwelded, (almost) unmolested, super low mileage, clad with an impeccable history and documentation, true and sole California Mustang Coupe.

In the end, it was hard negotiating, but finally we were the very lucky ones to have reacted first and bought the car immediately.

Since we bought this pony back in December 2010 we have replaced almost all wear and tear parts starting with the brake system, to bushings and bearings, to rubbers, gaskets, seals and weatherstripping all over... All in all, it is just too much to mention in this brief description.

If you would like to know more, in case that you are truly interested in ONE of the most original and supernice preserved and meticulously maintained Ford Mustangs on planet earth, we recommend to make an appointment with us - take out this beauty for a test ride and decide for yourself if we have exaggerated with any singe detail.

We are proud to offer this unbelievably original and investment grade pony to the most astute collector and enthusiast.


Please call us at +49-171-4598505 or +49-171-4598508 or send us an eMail in order to arrange an appointment for a test ride and a proper inspection of the vehicle itself.